9-11 May 2023
ICC Sydney


The UK’s leading platform for innovation and technology in the built environment, Digital Construction Week (DCW), is coming to 米6米乐体育 to share their insights into digital capabilities and signify the future direction of the industry with a dedicated Education Stream. The DCW Theatre, sponsored by global platform NBS, will promote innovation, efficiency and provide a dedicated platform to discuss and demonstrate how Australia’s built environment can capitalise on this emerging technology field.

10 - 12 May 2022
DCW Theatre
10AM - 6PM

Featuring speakers such as

From leading industry brands including

Tuesday 10 May

Georgia will use examples from her work at Laing O’Rourke and elsewhere to explore the changes coming to the profession and to the practice of engineering as a whole. This includes practical examples in robotics / automation, exoskeletons, digital tech, big data, additive manufacturing (3D printing), intelligent infrastructure, augmented reality, advanced materials and biomimicry.

She will provide a unique insight into how leading firms such as Laing O’Rourke are utilising technological advancements to deliver innovative best practice solutions in the building and construction industry.

This session will provide an overview of the updated NATSPEC National BIM Guide, highlighting amendments since the last edition including changes to the structure and content to align it with the concepts and principles described in AS ISO 19650 Information management using building information modelling.

Understanding VBIS, GS1, Uniclass and BIM-MEP AUS and how they link digital models to a store of facility management related information.

Together we work through a framework to help you decide on what type of digital twin you or your clients are looking for.

This session will explore the importance of understanding user experience and how this informs the design, modelling, analysis, ratings and ongoing building operation to design spaces that promote occupant wellbeing. Insights including Cundall’s innovative IEQube units, digital modelling for performance-based ratings including Living 米乐体育M6app下载ing Challenge, WELL, NABERS IEQ and a glimpse into apps and platforms for a user-centric occupant experience.

IoT (internet of things) has the capability to help automate and improve the planning and execution of construction and project controls, but we need to be aware of the limitations and the changes required within our organisations to make this an effective technology today and grow into its future promises.

Wednesday 11 May

Overview of smart contracts and how they can be used within a Digital Twin. Learn the concept of smart contracts executed on a blockchain, how smart contracts are used in a digital twin eco-system, and how smart contracts can be used to streamline payments.

The building services industry continues to evolve through a connection between design and construction. This presentation will delve into the critical importance standardised digital engineering practices play in improving collaboration and productivity between design and construction teams. This gap is already starting to be bridged by some in the industry but for others, it continues to be an issue. Shannon will talk about how the BIM-MEP AUS initiative tackles this issue and provides a foundation that helps to influence change and data-driven business decisions as the industry navigates through this inevitable restructuring.

Risk and construction aren’t mutually exclusive. And while any number of risks can impact a construction project, one of the more significant is risk that results from uncertainty.
An enemy of a successful project, uncertainty is loosely correlated with the level of good information available to inform good decision-making. Having good information makes for good construction risk management, and at the end of the day lowers the chances of a dispute between contractual parties.
Join our fireside chat where our construction experts discuss:
• Risk shifting versus risk allocation – what’s the difference?
• The importance of information transparency between parties
• Meeting legislation and compliance requirements
• Ways to avoid the risk of disputes
• Resources to help manage risk

In today’s environment, an efficiently managed building is not enough. It must also be intelligently networked to provide real-time information to multiple stakeholders who need to take swift decisions to ensure the security, safety and comfort of its occupants as well as protect the longevity of its assets.

In this discussion, you will see a practical example of how the 米乐体育M6app下载ing Automation System (BAS) from ABB includes innovative technology used to integrate, disseminate and visualise information from the entire building: heating and cooling systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting, sun-shading systems, as well as fire protection and security systems. Even parallel building systems for property and asset management are integrated to increase value for all building stakeholders.

Thursday 12 May

Smart buildings are often presented as an all-in premium new asset proposition – but the truth is any building can become a ‘thinking building’. Smart retrofits can range from simple enhancements that reduce energy spend and improve occupant wellbeing through a staged pathway to achieve net zero operational emissions, future-ready smart city connectivity and optimised user experiences.

A LCC analysis provides a valuable comparative and management tool that can influence design, specification, construction, operations, and sustainability performance. The AIQS’ 2022 information paper sets out current, credible, concise and practical guidance for LCC analysis.

This presentation will be focused on the definitions, requirements and standards to be understood and adopted when looking to develop a Smart City Framework. Rebecca will give a detailed over of the Smart City components, discussing the physical, technological and social impacts which all affect how a Smart City can come to life. An understanding of governance, utilising International Standards, is also recommended and this presentation will give listeners an overview of which standards are appropriate, using examples were appropriate as well as the importance of Smart City Certification programmes.

This session, hosted by Women in BIM (WIB), will comprise of leading experts across the BIM community in Australia discussing the importance of digital skills and knowledge over a panel followed by a focused networking and mentoring session. The panel will include representatives across engineering, architecture and consulting and will be a collaborative and open discussion on how the industry can prepare for the skills and the upskilling requirements in the future relating to digital. The session will also include an informal networking and mentoring session where our WIB Australia representatives will help to support open and collaborative discussions around the WIB initiative as well as some of our key projects, including our Mentor Scheme.

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